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Simply Silver Immune Booster

Simply Silver for Pets is a safe alternative for your pet’s natural defense.Simply Silver Immune Booster is virtually odorless, tasteless, and is non-toxic. It’s safe for all pets (humans too!). The FDA does not allow anyone to make claims, so we are only stating the benefits that other people have seen in themselves and their animals.

Colloidal silver is such an amazing product because it is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal and it aids in wound healing. In fact, diabetic wound centers and burn units use silver for its incredible healing properties. NASA also uses silver in their drinking water, air conditioning, food preparation and other operations. Numerous tests have shown that silver is the safest and most powerful natural anti-bacterial in existence. It’s safe for everyone including animals, pregnant women and children. It causes no harm to any organ in your body and the beautiful thing about using silver daily is that you don’t become immune to it. It’s safe for daily use as it doesn’t harm the good bacteria.

Silver has been used for centuries and was the primary treatment prior to antibiotic therapy in the early twentieth century. Colloidal silver could not be patented, but antibiotics could. Once antibiotics came into the picture, the medical community thought that they had eradicated harmful bacteria. How wrong they were! The over-use of antibiotic therapy has caused antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria to invade our society. We are now dealing with things like MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureas) in our hospitals and homes.

Silver naturally reduces plaque bacteria in the mouth. The Greeks and Romans used to keep their liquids in silver jars for safe keeping and also used silver to control bodily infection & prevent food spoilage. The “Father of Medicine” (Hippocrates) used silver for tissue repair & wound healing. The King of Persia used silver containers to carry water to prevent contamination. The use of silver is mentioned in Egyptian writings and the emperor of China would eat with silver chopsticks. Throughout the ages, the “Metal of the Moon,” as it was known to some of the ancients, has been used effectively for numerous purposes, both medicinal and ordinary.

During the plagues in Europe, many royal families escaped death because of the silver plates and utensils they used. Have you ever heard of the saying, “Born with a silver spoon in his mouth?” This is where that came from. The term “blue bloods” refers to the high levels of silver in the royal family as well. Early pioneers kept silver coins in their milk to keep it from spoiling or being contaminated. Some airlines even use silver to purify their water on flights and babies being born in the hospital normally receive a dose of silver nitrate in their eyes. Colloidal silver does not interfere with any medications so it’s safe to use as it has no side effects.

Colloidal silver has been beneficial in the following conditions:

• Skin and eye problems

• Ear infections

• Wounds and cuts

• Worms and parasites

• Hotspots

• Viruses

• Bacterial infections

• Reduces dental plaque

• Yeast infections (Candida)

• Ring worm

• Intestinal problems including diarrhea

• Sores

• Tumors

• Cancer

• Overall immune booster

Dosing recommendations are as follows:

Maintenance: use 1 tsp. once daily for animals 2 -10 lbs., 11 – 25 lbs 1.5 tsp, 26 – 40 lbs. 2 tsp.,41 – 55 lbs. 2.5 tsp., 56 – 80 lbs. 3 tsp., over 100 lbs. use 1 tbl.

Immune-building: 2 -3 times daily

For specific health conditions: up to 5 times daily

Short-term immune support (up to 2 weeks): up to 7 times daily

Simply Silver Skin Soother

Simply Silver Skin Soother for Dogs is a 100% natural, anti-itch, soothing pet spray. It contains superior anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory oils such as hemp seed and organic coconut oil. Most people are not familiar with the wonderful benefits of yarrow, which is a flower found worldwide. It’s touted for it’s amazing wound healing capabilities. In fact, ancient Greeks used this plant for treating external wounds on skin and native Americans used it not only to treat wounds, but to help with infections and bleeding. Used as a poultice, it’s been known to help deep cuts and puncture wounds leaving virtually no scarring effects. The benefits for the skin are absolutely incredible. Essential oils of lavender, lemongrass, tea tree and clove help give Simply Silver Skin Soother it’s wonderful scent and aids in it’s ability to soothe irritated skin. Use Simply Silver Skin Soother for the following:

• Burning and itching

• Hot spots

• Skin irritations

• Flea bites

• Cuts

• Scratches

• Allergic reactions

• All products made in the USA